alternatives to mashable - sites like mashable

Mashable is big independent website with fresh news and information from leading information resources around the world. What is also cool is that this platform suggests readers top articles from social networks like Facebook or Twitter.


Best Alternatives to Mashable

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BuzzFeed is popular online media platform that offers non-traditional news and information, makes own reports and insights. It allows users to share this information with their fri…
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Upworthy is an online resource that tries to change people’s attention to other problems and stories than regular ones that we can find on other platforms. It was launched in 201…
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Digg is useful news aggregator that helps to find all of the newest and hottest articles through popular media resources. Launched in 2005, it still has popularity and a lot of use…
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Bored Panda is online platform for sharing stories, news, and memes based more on art and pop culture. It reaches more than 100 million views each month and helps artists to spread…
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Wired is popular website that provides information about all of the updates in different spheres including business, culture, gear, science, security, ideas, etc.